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What is it that fuels you? For the tribe, it’s the outdoors, the mountains and mother nature. This truly is our version of how we enjoy the world around us. I hope you enjoy browsing this site and all of the unique experiences.

The Outdoorsy Tribe members are  passionate nature enthusiasts. Our belief is that the beautiful nature around us is a great teacher and exploring the outdoors gives us incredible joy. This is our journey and we hope you join us someday.

Our tribe enjoys outdoor photography, hiking, biking, swimming, travelling, exploring and relaxing in the lap of nature.

This Tribe will share their adventures, learning and experiences through these journeys they make.

Best hiking trails
Giving Back
best mountain biking trails
Tribe Members

Mr. Flow - Organized, creative, flexible, loving and multitalented, he loves to go with the flow. Suchit is a father, IT professional, biker, photographer, DJ who enjoys his music and rides.


Mountain Echo - Mountains are where she rather be. Mother, sales professional, hiker and blogger. Pawan leads by examples and motivates her tribe.

Roots - He is a strong athletic teenager with dreams larger than the highest mountains, he plans to conquer it all one day. Aryaa takes on each challenge with a smile on his face. He is super grounded just like the roots of a tall tree.


Mystic Lion - Oh you really don't want to cross him specially when he is hungry. Fiery spirited, fun loving, loyal and an entertainer. Outdoors are becoming his new world, he is Angad the young genius.


Magnetic North - That is our furry adventure companion Sista, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is curious, full of energy, mischievous, fearless, loves her outdoor and her humans. And of course she is the center of attention.

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