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Best panoramic views of Wine Country - Mt. Saint Helena, Calistoga, CA

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

At 4,343 ft the hike offers stunning views of the California's Wine Country, Mount Saint Helena

Enjoy the rolling hills of vineyards, amazing views of the Napa and Sonoma Valley

The Stevenson Memorial Trail at the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, takes you to the summit on a 10 miles round trip. It's easy to miss the trail head on highway 29 so be on the lookout. The trail starts off steep but wooded for the first about 2 miles, you will also come across the Stevenson monument in the woods. Fireroad part of the trail has no shade, so carrying enough water will help.

As the tribe got out of the shaded part of the hike, we could see signs to the North Peak (summit) via the fire road. Remains of the charred trees stood firm as a reminder to the destruction from the fire in Napa Valley the previous year, what also surprised us was the undergrowth that has started to appear, signaling hope. Entire valley of vineyards stood right under us, this made for some stunning views. You will come across some big rock formation on the way, the tribe managed to take a quick snack break and watch rock climbing enthusiasts hone their skills.

It quickly started to warm up and we still had some ways to go, one in our tribe got hit with dehydration and dizziness, which we had to quickly control with electrolyte intake. At about 4 miles is the saddle between South and North peak, keep an eye for the communication tower and continue to the wider fire road all the way to the North Peak summit, which you can see at a distance. Once at the summit, you cannot but feel refreshed with the endless views around you. The tribe headed back and celebrated their successful hike with some amazing Nepalese food in Calistoga downtown.

Learning's from the tribe - Important to have some electrolytes handy along with some trail mix and extra water. While you may be thirsty, always drink in small amounts but regularly, so as to last the entire hike.

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