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Bucket list waterfalls in Oregon you don't want to miss

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Love of the water and summer is perfect recipe for great memories

Oregon is home to many stunning waterfalls, Outdoorsy Tribe will share their collection of some of the favorite waterfalls hikes for your bucket list. Most of them are a short distance of easy hike, it makes for a wonderful day trip from Portland, OR.

Vidae Falls, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Vidae Falls at the Crater Lake National Park is one of the most well know, easily accessible waterfalls in the park. Soaking the kind of experience from this fall without much effort is reward in itself, just few steps from the Crater Lake Rim Drive and you are at the falls. Peculiar thing about the fall is that it seems as though it is flowing out from the Crater Lake itself, 115 ft. down.

Effortless beauty off the rim drive, Vidae Falls at the Crater Lake National Park is spectacular - do take a stop to enjoy this beauty

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park is Oregon’s largest state park with a sprawling 9,200 acres, it's a short drive east of Salem OR (capital city of the state). Farmlands of christmas trees will be such a delight to stop by on the way. The park itself is perfect for picnic, hiking and water play with twenty-five miles of trails to explore hiking, biking and horseback riding amid lush old-growth forest. The highlight of the park is the Ten Falls trail which is a one-stop-shop for waterfalls. Here you will also come across falls that you can walk behind on a trail, special indeed.

Silver Falls State Park's Ten Falls trail makes for a perfect day exploring and enjoying the wonders of nature. Totally worth a visit on a road-trip

Multnomah Falls - at 620 ft its the tallest, most famous and indeed spectacular

Of all the waterfalls in Oregon, Multnomah Falls is the most spectacular and 2nd highest, flowing year-round and just a short drive from Portland.

Very accessible, most visited in Pacific Northwest and picture perfect. First glimpse of the majestic waterfall is just a 5 minute walk from the parking lot, if you want to get different view then an easy 0.25-mile walk on a paved trail to Benson Bridge will lead you closure. If you’re looking for more there is an uphill 1-mile hike to the top of the falls with views of the Columbia Gorge and access to several other gorge trails with varying lengths and difficulties. Multnomah Falls does not dry being continuously fed by rainwater, underground spring and snow melt through all four seasons. You are guaranteed a spectacular sight anytime of the year.

Bonus is the Multnomah Lodge with snack bar, gift shop and a chance to soak in some history.

Multnomah is the most impressive fall to view with some history to flavor it

Upper and Lower Latourell Falls - 359 Feet

Stopover at Crown Point will give a great view of the Columbia Gorge and a short drive from there is the Latourell Falls, these are unique among the best-known Columbia Gorge waterfalls over basalt cliff and falling down straight. 2 miles round trip hike loops to the upper Latourell falls and to the base of the lower falls. A hike that you will absolutely enjoy. Walk behind the upper falls and enjoy the mist.

The two waterfalls on Latourell Creek total 359 feet of falls. Lower Latourell Falls is a beautiful 224 foot single drop waterfall situated on the Historic Columbia River Highway.

Latourell falls is a perfect stop after the historic Crown Point lookout which gives panoramic views of the Columbia River

Take this hike and you will surely enjoy getting up close to the water.

Bridal Veil Falls - 120 Feet

Bridal Veil falls is such a popular name across many states, but this one on the Columbia River Gorge is truly an incredible site. Accessible via a short 0.5 miles hike, it is a beauty not to be missed. The falls quickly come into view from this short hike. Option is to see them from the base of the trail or head up the dirt pathway on a set of stairs that leads up to a viewing platform overlooking the falls. It is also a good spot to soak your feet into the running streams at the base of the falls. This veil is above 120 ft

Impressive Bridal Veil falls, can sit by it for hours soaking the views and the gush of the water

Wahkeena Falls - 242 Feet

Yet another impressive waterfall, trail is paved for the first portion from the parking lot to the viewpoint. If you are up for it take the trail further ahead to Wahkeena Springs. Mossy rocks line the fall and it's a perfect spot to soak the mist from the falls on a hot summer day.

242-feet high this impressive waterfall is tiered and among some of the tallest waterfalls near Portland.

Learning's from the tribe - Waterfall have a magical touch, each one keeps you craving for more. Strong, lively , delightful and simply happy is how we would like to remember each fall.


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