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Chasing Waterfalls - See California's best waterfalls

Beautiful waterfalls are a summer favorite to swim, picnic or plain simple enjoy natures grandeur

Rainbow of life calls through the misty water of the waterfalls, teaching us to go with the flow, be flexible and carve out our paths through rocks and drops. The uneven flow defines life and its many turns. Experience the beautiful gift of nature.

California is home to many stunning waterfalls, Outdoorsy Tribe will share their collection of waterfalls explored through the state.

Burney Falls, Shasta County, California

About Burney Falls - The majestic 129 ft. Burney Falls situated in the McArthur- Burney Falls Memorial State Park is part of the Shasta County. This was called the "eighth wonder of the world" by President Theodore Roosevelt . The falls are fed through underground springs all year round and are the most intense from April to October. If you are visiting anywhere between Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen National Park, this is a must do. A well defined 1 Mile trail leads you down to the base of the falls all along with spectacular view of the falls. It is rocky at the base of the falls, so it's important to plan your footwear accordingly. The sheer size and flow of this super blue and ice cold water will amaze you. For those who wish to add a little more adventure the state park is also a popular camping spot.

Burney Falls - President Roosevelt called it the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Directions to trailhead - The park is northeast of Redding, six miles north of Highway 299 on Highway 89 near Burney ( Address - 24898 CA-89, Burney, CA 96013).

McCloud Falls - Upper, Middle, Lower , Siskiyou County

About the McCloud Falls - Another gem of a location in Siskiyou County, great to spend the day, dog friendly and each access from the highway. The McCloud River Trail which is about 4 miles long passes three beautiful waterfalls winding through the canyon. Well maintained trail is a locals favourite that's beautiful to visit year round. Summer swimming, fall colors, and an early spring flowers, make it super fun. Depending on how much time in hand access is possible to any one of these falls from different parking lots via a short hike. Tribes pick for the day was the middle McCloud Falls. Mt Shasta created many canyons from its eruptions years back resulting in the natural wonders that exist today. The McCloud river flows through these canyons fed by springs and the snowmelt. The waterfalls each of which have a personality of their own is great to spend the day. While it is not recommended but cliff jumping or swimming under the waterfall are some activities that visitors have been know to do around here. Middle falls that the tribe visited is 50 ft high and about 80 ft wide.

Canyon of basalt lava lined with rich forest and beautiful waterfalls - Lower, Middle, Upper McCloud Falls

Directions to trailhead - From 1-5 N, follow to CA-89 S/Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway in Siskiyou County. Take exit 736. Follow CA-89 S/Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway for 16.5 miles to Fowler Public Camp Road. Ample parking at the parking lot.

Kings Creek Falls, Lassen Volcanic National Park

About the Kings Creek Falls hike : Tribe was camping at Manzanita Lake Campground and decided to hike the iconic Kings Creek Fall, situated right in the middle of the beautiful Lassen Volcanic National Park. The trail follows a creek downhill through forest, meadows and snow fields for when the tribe went in May. The park authorities had done an awesome job flagging the trail through patches of snow that still seemed a few inches. Past the meadows there is a fork, keep to your right and follow the trail along the creek, it leads to stunning view, water gushing through the creek and at least 300 steps which are not bad going down, but make for a strenuous workout coming back up. Continuing down past the Cascades, the trail levels again and reaches the trailside viewpoint overlooking Kings Creek Falls. Tribe skipped going all the way down to the falls as it was past sunset and way getting dark and we were not prepared with headlamps.

Kings Creek Falls - Place to explore the backcountry at this 40 ft. waterfall in the middle of Lassen Volcanic National Park

Directions to trailhead - Kings Creek Falls is accessed via the Kings Creek Falls Trail, which is along Highway 89 within the Lassen Volcanic National Park. The trailhead is found 12 miles north of the southern entrance to the National Park. It is a busy trail but there is ample parking on either side of the road.

Learning's from the tribe - Each waterfall location the tribe visited had a personality of its own and the journey it took through forests, rocks and rivers defined what it would look like. Much like all of us in this world who have different things to offer and are a result of our journeys.

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