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Discovering the Best Hiking Trails of MÁYYAN 'OOYÁKMA : A Butterfly Haven

MÁYYAN 'OOYÁKMA translates to Coyote Ridge in Chochenyo language. This place comprises of sensitive habitats, rare serpentine grassland and a bunch of endangered plant and animal species. It is a research hotspot, that recently opened for public access.

Getting there

The location address - 9611 MALECH RD., MORGAN HILL, CA 95037

Easy access from 101 or Hwy 85, east of Bailey Avenue and onwards to Malech road. There is ample parking at the base.

"Butterfly Pass" is required to visit this habitat - this once signed up is valid for a year. The open space authority wants to ensure visitors understand the sensitive nature of the habitat, stay on trails, not disturb the wildlife and leave no trace behind.

Trails are multi use for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Dogs are not allow on any of the trails.


While summer is beautiful as well, the best time to visit MÁYYAN 'OOYÁKMA is surely in the spring, to enjoy flowers and butterflies. Tribe will be coming back to enjoy spring season here. The open space reserve has ample trail system that connects the Diablo Range and the Santa Cruz range, via the ridges. Here are some popular of the best hiking trails trails in this area:

  1. Bay checkerspot trail - Butterfly pass is required to access this trail of 2.5-mile, this is named for an endemic butterfly found on the property, and is a favorite.

  2. Coyote Valley overlook trail

  3. Sepertine Spring Trail

  4. Tule Elk Trail

This map from the Open Space Authority has useful information about the trails for your easy reference.

MOCR-trail map and brochure
Download PDF • 3.54MB

Learning's from the tribe - Grateful for the beautiful nature, leave no trace behind and always respect the space.


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