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Knibbs Knob, Waterfall Loop, Contour Trail and Triple Falls- Morgan Hill, California

A unique canyon, perfect for hiking, camping and nature walks across all skill levels.

Tribe was looking for a day out in nature and also to get some workout and we stumbled on this very unique location in Morgan Hill, CA. Outdoor enthusiasts and naturalist will find an ample collection of hidden treasures in just this one place at the Uvas Canyon County Park . The canyon does get busy and has limited parking, reservation are required to enter the canyon which can be be attained at

This was tribe's first visit to Uvas Canyon, the approach to the park goes through rich vegetation at Sveadal, this is a private property belonging to the Swedish American Patriotic League. There are many options to spend the day within the park, it could be a short easy hike along the waterfall loop trail or doing a more strenuous one at Knibbs Knob or a combination. Tribe was going to tackle the more strenuous part of the park first so we headed towards the Knibbs Knob Trail. To find this trail, follow the road towards the Upper Bench Youth Group Area on the left, the trail runs towards the end of the loop, a gate at the entrance of a fire road will mark the beginning of this trail. From here its a steady climb through the forest for over 2 miles.

There are a few rest stops with benches and amazing panoramic views of the Santa Cruz and Diablo Mountains. Recharge, hydrate and keep taking the steady climb. Originally the tribe thought that the Knibbs Knob, waterfall loop and contour trails were a loop but actually once you are at the top of Knibbs Knob you will have to retract back the same way and follow back through the campgrounds onto to the waterfall loop trail.

Must visit in the Bay Area - a true hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists

While the tribe enjoyed the blood pumping steep climb and steep decent through Knibbs Knob, we were super excited to go through the waterfall loop. This part of the park was more crowded than the others as the park is best know for all these waterfalls, these are seasonal and flow in all their glory heaviest during spring and winter, especially after the rains. Numerous streams along the Uvas, Alec, and Swanson Creeks are a delight to enjoy. Lower falls along the road, Granuja Falls just as you cross over a bridge leading onto the upper falls, basin falls, contour trail past the upper falls and triple falls there are numerous cool spots to take pictures, cool off your feet or just plain sit and soak in the surrounding.

Besides the waterfall and creek the soft ground, smell of moss and the peaceful sound of water is beyond tranquil. The beauty of canyon starts to unfold right on the very first step, hence you can decide how much time you would like to spend on that particular day in the canyon or come back another day to do more. The bonus for the tribe, our furry companion was more than welcome and she thoroughly enjoyed pouncing around and smelling the many different smells of this canyon.

Chasing waterfalls and find our happy place - Uvas Canyon has a ton to offer.

Learning's from the tribe - Nature repairs the mind, body and soul, find your happy place in the canyon and soak in its peace.

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