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Monument Peak - Milpitas, California

Monument Peak is truly a monumental achievement

Early spring is such an amazing time of the year for the Bay Area residents, they get to witness the manicured green hills with wildflowers galore. Tribes new destination to soak in the sun, enjoy the wildflowers and breath the green was Monument Peak. This is situated in the in Ed Levin County Park, while we drove through the busy highways, we debated if we were on the right path because it did not seem we were headed to a green patch. And then suddenly it all changed, hills, some ranches and tree cover. By the time tribe arrived at the entrance of the park, there was already a line at the gate (park opens at 8AM). Beauty of the park started to take over tribes spirits for the day, it was going to be a great day.

Spring make the area our very own Switzerland, green hills, grazing cattle and perfect views - Monument Peak is a must do

From the parking lot at the Sandy Wool Lake, right behind the dog park is the starting point via the Tularcitos Trail, an instantaneous uphill climb. As the tribe and their furry companions continued uphill the surrounding views of the rolling hills, peaceful lake at a distance and the grazing cattle kept getting better and better. Tularcitos trail connects with the Agua Caliente Trail a short distance in. Oak trees along the way, tell a story. Along the way also are some launch sites for gliding, beautiful sight to see hand gliders preparing for their morning run on a perfect day.

From here tribe continued onto the Monument Peak Trail, taking this clockwise which seemed a lot less crowded. Along the way we got ample views, saw some wildlife and the grazing cows made for our very own Switzerland in the valley. Clouds continued to roll into the mountains making it such a delightful walk in the clouds moment.

When you get to the radio tower that's an indication you are close to the finish line. Final portion of the Monument Peak Trail, follows the gravel path upwards. Yes, you made it!! Another monumental achievement getting to the Monument Peak. There are two options for return, either the same way back down, or make it a loop via the Agua Caliente Trail to Calera Creek Trail back to Sandy Wool Lake. The trail at the very end did get crowded on our return so did the park near the lake.

Enjoy the stunning views of the Bay Area and get a great workout - Monument Peak

Ed R Levin County Park is unique in so many ways, it has so much to offer. This can be a family outing just picnicking, fishing, playing, watching birds and taking your dog to the offleash dog park. Or make it a back to nature adventure day trip hiking, hand gliding, mountain biking, horseback riding and even camping.

Learning's from the tribe - Spring is a lovely time of the year, get outdoors and soak in the beauty of the nature, enjoy the wildflowers and remember to leave no trace behind.


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