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Sandstone Arch, Sweeping views from the Devil's Bridge - Sedona, AZ

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Most prominent, most photographed and the highest natural sandstone arch in Sedona, Coconino National Forest.

Sedona is an oasis of beauty created by nature, stunning views for miles🎈😍🎈

You cannot ever get enough of Sedona! Absolutely picturesque, bright red sandstone with some splash of green, the landscape gives different feel at different times of the day. You can spend hours from many of the vista points to admire the creation of nature. One of the locals from Sedona recommend we do the Devil's bridge hike.

Devil's Bridge, the name itself intrigued us, and we decided to be there the next morning. After parking near the trailhead, we walked on the dirt road - we took Chuckwagon to Devil's Bridge trails from Dry Creek Road , about 5.8 miles RT. The initial part of the flat seemed like an off-roading track, and sure enough we saw a few 4x4 vehicles passing by. Realized that there was no way our sedan would have made it to the trailhead parking lot, so some extra miles was just added exercise. Once you arrive at the Y junction follow signs to where the Devil's Bridge trail begins, it's a little confusing to figure out what way is the trailhead, so make sure you check with other hikers around, most of whom are headed to the Devil's Bridge. Once you get to the trailhead, it's very well marked towards the Devil's Bridge. The initial part of the trail is rather flat but gradually it turns rocky and steep. This is a popular hike, hence expect company of all skill levels. Along the way you will pass some caves, stop by, enjoy the amazing views around you. At one point you start to see the bridge above, at this point, there is option to take trail towards the bottom of the bridge, for those of you who want something extra and then circle back up or continue straight up through stairs. This is the steepest part of the trail and a bunch of steps, makes for great leg workout. What this finally leads to is the Devil's Bridge, and what you see here is not something you may have imagined!

Devils bridge is a narrow slab of sandstone, only about 5 ft wide may be even narrower at points, with a drop of almost 50 ft. If you have a fear of heights, this will be a tough bridge to cross. There was a big line for folks to get onto the bridge, one small group at a time, as that is all the arch can accommodate. Get a few quick pictures clicked and return. Some literally crawled on their fours to get to the middle of it and there were some brave-hearts who went with their furry companions holding them in their lap!! A small misplaced foot can lead to a drop, as there is nothing much to hold on to on this narrow bridge. As you step foot on this bridge, its extremely important to exercise caution and common sense for your safety and safety of others around you.

The tribe made it on the bridge after waiting for a bit and mustering the courage to do so. It was an absolute delight, completely mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape.

Stunning view of the neighboring rock formations. Sedona, AZ is a paradise for this Outdoorsy Tribe 🎈😍🎈

While the tribe enjoyed many of the other hikes in Sedona, trip would not been complete without being on Devil's bridge! We promised ourselves to return to this point someday at sunrise, as we can only imagine how the sunrise would look from here.

Learnings from the tribe - At times life offers you opportunity to overcome your fears, that's the time to grab and make the most of it!

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