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Morgan Territory Regional Preserve - Livermore, CA

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Another COVID summer discovery of new places where dogs can have a wonderful time.

East bay has been our home for last more than 5 years and this tribe had not yet explored Morgan Territory

Modern day Morgan Territory Preserve was once home to Native Americans.

The tribe happen to come across this hidden treasure as they were looking to get some outdoors in the summer. The amazing part this was a short drive in the east bay, but to our surprise this is not one we had heard of having lived here for many years. The approach to the preserve make it so very interesting, as you take the morgan territory road it soon turns to one lane winding across the hills. It was a interesting to notice that such vast open land existed so close to the the almost densely populated towns of San Ramon, Dublin and Livermore. Along the way we came across some amazing properties set on hill tops, looking into the valley

Parking was easy to find, and the preserve was not crowded at all. The tribe decided to take the path along the Volvon and Blue Oak loop trail. Tree cover is extremely patch hence a good idea to do this on a not so warm day, the tribe was lucky to have some pleasant weather through mid day.

If you are longing for wilderness this is the place to be, there were not many people we came across through our hike. The cattle gave us company once in a while, and our furry companion happen to get very close to some only to realize that she should not be messing with them.

Wide open grasslands, great views of the east bay and that of Mt. Diablo in the distance, along with a adventurous single lane drive to and from the preserve is what you should be prepared for. For your furry companion it's a pleasure spot where they can chase squirrels and run with the wind. A must try for your furry companion.

The tribe's new favorite park, I can only imagine how wonderfully green this place will be during spring.

Learning's from the tribe - Make sure to carry the map of the preserve given the wilderness and many trails that wind through Morgan Territory it's easy to get confused.

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