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Mori Point Trail - Pacifica, CA

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Making the most of the COVID summer with day out on the trail with the tribe

If you haven't yet found this gem in the Bay Area, you will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty this place has to offer

Endless views of the ocean, wild flowers and a lovely trail. Not to miss the beach access around the bluff .

The tribe happened to discover Mori Point by chance and was not a planned hike. The park itself is over 100-acre located in Pacifica, California and is is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Mori Point is a bluff next to the Pacific Ocean with scenic views of the coastline. In addition to the bluff and ridges, Mori Point contains wetland and a beach close by. The icing on the cake, this beauty was accessible to our dog.

Park at the Mori Point Parking Lot traverse through a rather flat land towards the hill, the trail has many different loops that you could take depending on what you and your dog are up for. Some interesting flora along the way, we also saw volunteers beautiful the place. The hike itself is not strenuous but its important to watch your step, there is loose dirt along the bluff and could be slippery. We walked through narrow cliffs and passed some dirt crevasses. In fact there are some parts of the hill that take you down to the beach and these are steep, will have you in all fours. Definitely a fun trail and even better for our dog who enjoyed running up and down the dirt slopes with surprising ease. We passed through a narrow stream of water gushing into the sea. Not to forget the fun the tribe had at the Rockaway Beach chasing waves and ended up soaking the summer.

Learning's from the tribe - Hidden gems exists around you, you just have to reach out and find them. Besides sometimes the randomness of a plan gives more joy than a planned on.

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