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Redwoods Regional Park - Oakland Hills, CA

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Hot Summer day calls for a trail that has tree cover.

Redwoods Regional Park is located close to Oakland Downtown a short drive from San Francisco.

Hike along the tallest living trees in the Northern Coast of California, the belt that is home to famous Redwoods.

Summer heat can be a tough one to beat if you are on a bare mountain and more so if you are looking to get some exercise for your dog while also enjoying the nature with your tribe. Redwood regional park in Oakland hills had more than 50 trails largely shaded to choose from, certainly a summer favorite.

Depending on which side you come from, there are ample options to park near the trailhead. Also there is parking along the roadside, just in case. We started our hike from the Skyline Gate Staging area. Make sure you make a note of the gate you get in from, as the trails within the park interconnect and you might end up on another side of the park. Along the trail there are also picnic spots if that is something you would like to do with your tribe.

We ended up taking the streams, mills, french loop through the park. The first part of the hike was downhill and then depending on the loop it would meander through some amazing redwoods and gain elevation. A small creek running the by the trail and wildlife to lookout for (most popular banana slug is easy to find), this will certainly keep your furry companion excited.

Learning's from the tribe - Shaded trails are best on a hot summer day. Always remember to mark your location and grab a map at the trail-head.

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