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Making a difference supporting the Syrian-Turkey Earthquake

Two powerful earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on Feb. 6, killing more than 40,000 people and injuring thousands more. Survivors of earthquakes need food, shelter and clothing, they lost all amenities and their livelihood.

Members of Outdoorsy Tribe based in California collaborated with local organization working in the region supporting survivors by taking supplies to the affected areas of Hatay / Adana. We consider ourselves lucky that we have been able to get the opportunity to volunteer and contribute in our small way.

Here is how the tribe contributed :

1. Jointly sponsored relief work along with Selectiva Charities and the Rotary Club who worked on-ground to support the earthquake hit region

2. Helped establish tent villages for displaced families, given their home were either unsafe to live or completely destroyed

3. Supplies - tents, sleeping bags, lamps, lights, blankets, water treatment supplies were all mobilized from US and distributed at local affected areas of Hatay to families in need

4. School supplies for the surviving children of the region

5. Medical supplies - basic medication, first aid

6. Fundraising to support all of the above - Outdoorsy tribe contributed more than USD 10,000 to support all of the efforts in establishing the tent villages

7. Awareness generation campaign - use the photography skills of the tribe to create content that can be used for generating awareness across the world through the Rotary Club

8. Spending time on ground, listening to their stories of what they lost and giving them HOPE that the world is working to get them back in their home. Most importantly just some warm HUGS to make their day bright

The rebuild work in Turkey will continue for many years, this is a large humanitarian crisis which requires global effort and contribution.

Our humble request is to continue to support in whichever small or large ways you can.

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