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¡SALUD Y SOL! End-of-Summer Health Fiesta Tri Valley Air Quality Initiative - Livermore , CA

Air Quality Alliance
TVAQCA Volunteer Workday

Making an impact at the Salud y Sol! End-of-Summer Health Fiesta that was held on Saturday, August 12th, 2023 from 10 AM to 2 PM at May Nissen Community Park. In this event Outdoorsy Tribe partnered with Tri Valley Air Quality Climate Alliance (TVAQCA


Air quality significant impacts the community and TVAQCA has diverse population of local leaders and advisors for guidance and counsel, as well as scientists and engineers to develop science-based insight and solutions that support their mission. Tri-Valley Air Quality Climate Alliance is a community-wide organization working to understand local air quality problems, and to find local, long-term, sustainable mitigation-strategies.

Work at the event: Apart from the booth set up the tribe performed buildout of box fans and distribution to the population who have the most need. Close to 400 visitors at the booth were handled with education on the need and also operations of the fans, changing of air filters on frequency basis.

It was helpful to have members from the tribe who could speak Spanish.

For the Tri Valley Air Quality Initiative, other than the air filter build and distribution, another significant part of the event was education, that revolved around:

  1. Harmful effects that bad air quality has on health of families

  2. Understanding of what is causing air quality to deteriorate

  3. How can the community contribute to improve air quality

  4. Impact of landscaping equipment emission on air quality and current measures/ rebates in place to help drive the change

The knowledge session were also made interesting with kahoot games for visitors to play.

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